DevOps Enablement

Software that is capable of building, deploying, and managing cloud-native applications that are rich in security and can be used across a variety of devices, settings, and clouds. You may speed up your path towards DevOps by gaining instant access to trained Azure DevOps experts via one of our delivery options. In order to provide self-service capabilities to enterprises, KP feels that agile co-delivery is essential. These types of firms are looking for continuous improvement and want to empower their software teams.


What You Can Achieve: DevOps

By using continuous integration, delivery and deployment on the Azure Cloud together with compliance and monitoring

Plan DevOps Integration

Keep track of the code's origins. Control tasks and problems by keeping tabs on them. Azure Cloud Continuous Delivery uses GitLab Community Edition for its Git repositories and issue tracking. This makes it easy for people to work together on open-source software. The deployment is all about planning .

Build DevOps Integration

Azure Cloud Continuous Delivery can be used to manage your source code using hosted Git repositories based on GitLab Community Edition. With delivery pipelines, you can build, test, and release software in an automated, repeatable manner. Rapidly create and control cloud-based resources.

Verify DevOps Integration

Use Azure Cloud's pre-built templates for the DevSecOps toolchain to keep delivering secure, compliant applications. Code Risk Analyzer is a great tool for finding any security and legal problems in your codebase and fixing them. Cloud App Configuration allows for centralized feature administration and configuration.

Release DevOps Integration

In order to release using cloud continuous delivery in a repeatable and automated fashion, we selected either Azure Devops or Terraform as our delivery pipeline tool of choice. To decide whether or not to promote applications to the next environment, it is important to understand the build state, security scan findings, and code and test coverage. Using policy gates is a simple way to automatically check for quality before a promotion is made.

Deploy DevOps Integration

Azure Cloud Kubernetes Service allows you to run containerized workloads with the enterprise-grade capabilities, open-source innovation, and leading security standards of the Cloud. Use the same codebase to deploy and execute applications in private data centres, edge nodes, and public clouds from different providers. Cloud Code Engine is a managed, server-less platform for you to run your applications, jobs, and containers.

Monitor DevOps Integration

Use Cloud monitoring to keep tabs on your network, cloud services, and software in the cloud, and fix any issues that may arise. The Cloud Security and Compliance Center enables you to centrally monitor your organization's and users' compliance with organizational and regulatory norms, as well as to govern cloud resource settings. Cloud activity logs allow you to see when and how your services are being utilized, which may help you quickly identify.

Why ThinkSpace?

Azure DevOps

We know DevOps as a cloud native services provider that has built DevOps culture, tools, and automated "all the things" for half a decade at venture-backed startups. We can accomplish what costs millions in months.

DevOps, including shared accountability, openness, and feedback, is familiar to our company. We adore tools, open source, and automating "all the things" on Azure, too. We love reliability, security, and availability. We are experts in all elements of DevOps engineering, including the following:



Ready to accelerate your cloud native journey?

With a large number of Azure Certified Professionals on our team, we have a comprehensive understanding of how the system operates and how we can make the most of Azure's capabilities.