Cloud Security

A paradigm of shared responsibility is utilised for the cloud computing environment. Customers are responsible for the safety of their own data on the cloud, despite the fact that the cloud infrastructure itself is highly secure. Compliance and cloud security are becoming increasingly critical in light of the growing number of security incidents.


Trustworthy, Ground-Breaking Safety

When you integrate cloud computing into the business security programme you already have in place, you are not just adding a few additional controls or point solutions. To establish a novel approach to your company's culture and cloud security strategy, you will need to conduct an audit of your available resources and the requirements of your organisation. You need to create visibility and control in order to run a coherent security programme that spans several clouds and hybrid environments. You may integrate the required controls, organise workload deployment, and build an effective threat management strategy with the assistance of the solutions and professionals offered by KP ThinkSpace Security.

Cloud Security Benefits: Simple & Mandatory

Using KP ThinksSpace security services, you can protect and monitor your company's data, applications, and environments.

Future Outcome Specify your desired

The success of your company and your risk-based security plan depends on your ability to see into the future. Secure the cloud from the ground up to realize your organization's potential. The need of security is the key of todays business.

Build Cloud Computing Safety Adopt

When putting together and enforcing your business's corporate cloud security program, it's important to use native cloud security controls, the secure-by-design approach, and security orchestration and automation.

Execute Continuous Threat Threat Management and Resiliency

Your company can keep tabs on the ever-changing nature of security threats with the help of centralized visibility and control. locate attacks and stop them in their tracks with a well-coordinated incident response throughout the whole company.

Multi-cloud Hybrid Security Solutions

Cloud Security Benefits: Simple & Mandatory

Using KP ThinksSpace security services, you can protect and monitor your company's data, applications, and environments.

Threat Management All we need

Handle information about risks and events using precise insights to find attacks quickly and respond to them, as well as to adapt to new threats as they appear.

Data Protection Cloud prospective

No matter where it may be stored, determine its location, categorize it, protect it, and manage it. Maintain control of the encryption keys for your own cloud data.

IAM Identity and access management

Determine and control who has access to your hybrid multi - cloud setup at the various levels suited for their roles. RBAC is important for all kinds of possibilities in cases of security.

Cloud Security and Risk Strategy Cloud Security Services

Start with an all-encompassing risk-based strategy, governance, and preparation plan for cloud computing security.

Workload Protection Cloud Security Services

Construct, deploy, and manage workloads that are secure by design. In case of workload, the major part is workload management/

Why ThinkSpace?

Cloud Security

In order to enforce standard safety precautions, KP has established a standardized set of KP Config rules. KP can rapidly determine which Azure Config rules to apply to achieve compliance since it scans your environment using Azure tooling. When you couple this with DevSecOps for deployment and constant environment monitoring, you will have the peace of mind that comes with understanding the security of your cloud environment.



Protecting Your Apps and Ecosystems from Unauthorized Access

With a large number of Azure Certified Professionals on our team, we have a comprehensive understanding of how the system operates and how we can make the most of Azure's capabilities.